Apartments To Rent In Birmingham

Birmingham is known as the second city in the UK and with the fastest growing economy in the country, it is seen by investors as one of the most vibrant cities to live in Europe. So, given that Birmingham is enjoying such a surge in economic activity, it is no surprise why so many people are interested in moving to the city. If you are looking to live directly in the city centre then renting an apartment may be a great option for you. At Douglas Smartmove we can help you with your search and make sure you find an apartment that suits all your requirements.

With all the investment that is currently happening in the city such as the regeneration of Birmingham New Street station, the redevelopment of Paradise Circus, and the opening of a brand new prestigious John Lewis store, the profile of Birmingham continues to rise and so with it, does the attraction of living in a Birmingham city centre apartment. When selecting an apartment it’ s fairly obvious that you would want to stay away from buildings where the hallways, lifts, parking areas and stairs are not well maintained and are dark at night. You should also check factors such as the availability of natural light, the view that you’re going to have, how much privacy there is and the volume of street noise. Do you need an apartment that is located close to public transport ? Do you have children ? If you have children that go to school, you should check the availability of schools in that area. You need to check the quality of these schools too. These are all the decisions that Douglas Smartmove can help you with.

When it comes to renting, an apartment is usually rented for a period of 6 months or one year although this period of time can be negotiated by the landlord and the tenant. If you make a long-term contract you may be able to get a discount. The apartment rental agreement must be studied carefully and the tenants must be focused on areas such as the rental terms and the amount of deposit required. Termination requirements, utilities included, guest policy, damage deposit, parking policy are some of the other parts of the agreement that you should look at too.

Once you sign the agreement, you need to be aware that you have some obligations too. For instance, you are responsible for the proper maintenance of the apartment. It is your duty to keep the home in good shape and clean. If any damage happens because of your actions the landlord could charge extra.

Those who are interested in Birmingham city centre apartments to rent should look for a reliable real estate agency that has experience in this area like Douglas Smartmove. Using an established estate agency can ease the process and create a good relationship between the landlord and the tenants. Contact us now to discuss your requirements and we will work closely with you to help you find the perfect apartment for your needs.